Padev ΜΕΠΕ

Technical Consulting Company


PADEV researches, analyses, develops, promotes and provides investment projects for RES projects in Greece. The company responds to issues related to the full development of Wind and Photovoltaic Parks, the measurement of Wind Potential, Energy Saving, Development Programs, technical control and evaluation of RES projects and the development of ISO Quality Systems.

Wind Park

Development and licensing wind power plants

Solar Parks

Photovoltaic systems design and licensing

Energy Certificates

Evaluation of the energy efficiency

Licenses and Certifications

Development of systems for the development of ISO quality systems

Net metering

Self-produced energy with offsetting


PADEV provides services with absolute responsibility and reliability in the field of Renewable Energy Sources.
It provides services related to the complete development of Wind and Photovoltaic Parks, Wind Power Measurement, Energy Saving, Development Programs, Technical Audit and Evaluation of Renewable Energy Projects and the Development of ISO Quality Systems.
Also, PADEV is already accredited according to ISO 17025 for certified Wind Power measurements.

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Thanks to years of experience in the field of renewable energy we are able to offer the best solutions for the development of projects, always aiming to ensure the optimal satisfaction of our customers.


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