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Wind Potential Assessment - Energy Studies

PADEV Ltd undertakes energy yield calculations for wind potential assessment, site classification according to IEC-61400-1 and optimization of wind farm layout.

The energy study is carried out using special software and tools that provide energy production results based on science and applied techniques.

The estimated energy production includes all the expected losses as well as array losses due to shadowing effects (wake effects) from one turbine to another within the wind farm.

The report of the energy study presents the estimated power production of the wind farm, the optimized wind farm layout and the produced wind map of the area where the wind project is located.

The inputs required for the energy calculations are the raw data of the existing wind met masts, the accurate geographic coordinates of the met masts, the height of the masts and also the heights of each sensor (anemometers and wind vanes). Additionally, the energy study is based on detailed height contours and roughnes maps