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Environmental Impact Assessments

PADEV Ltd implements Environmental Impact Assessment for wind farms and Solar Parks as well as for any kind of industrial and hotel facilities.

The Environmental Impact Assessment is carried out according to technical aspects and the applied law. For the implementation of Environmental Impact Assessment Study, fauna and flora effects in the project area are studied. Also, the suitability and compatibility of the project area according to the national area planning law for Renewable Energy Sources is evaluated.

As far as Wind Farms and large Solar Parks are concerned, studies are carried out concerning the interconnection of the renewable energy facilities to the grid. Also, the necessary calculations for HV and MV transmission lines and HV and switching substations are included.

Moreover all the necessary maps presenting the project are produced, such as maps of orientation, project area, land use according to CORINE, environmental effects and all special maps that describe in detail the environmental effects due to the operation of each project.

Noise emission study, visual impact study and visualization presentation (photomontage) of the project are also performed using advanced model software.

PADEV can work as the technical consultant and support the whole licensing process over the public authorities that are involved.