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Certified Wind Measurements

PADEV Ltd has been accredited under the terms of ΕΝ ISO/IEC 17025:2005 (Accreditation Certificate No 587) for certified wind measurements.

Our company undertakes all necessary actions that deal with the selection of suitable met mast position, the necessary licensing procedures, equipment procurement, installation and certification of wind measurement of the wind meteorological masts.

The equipment of wind meteorological masts is delivered by qualified and reputable manufacturers and has been designed for wind potential assessments in extreme ambient conditions. The used wind anemometer cups are verified. The installation of equipment of wind met masts is made by skilled crew under the supervision of our professional engineers.

Collection and quality control of wind measurements data are carried out in weekly basis and when the measurement period of 12 months is completed, the final wind measurement report is issued. This wind measurement report includes, among other statistics and info, full validation of the method, the quality control process, the results and the conclusions of wind measurements.